Behind the Brand


Behind the Brand


A pearl begins its journey to become The IMPERIAL Pearl within the sea’s blue mystery.

For three generations, IMPERIAL has traveled to the world’s premier pearl farms in the most pristine, exotic locales. They have developed lasting bonds with pearl farmers dedicated as much to their craft as to the environment that sustains it.

The result: Imperial Pearl is assured “first pick” privilege of every harvest. With unmatched skill and a poet’s eye for beauty, Imperial selects only nature’s true masterpieces that reflect ultimate expressions of the five pearl “virtues” – deep and radiant luster, flawless complexion, ideal shape, richest colors, ideally proportioned sizes.

And so from oceans of pearls arises… The IMPERIAL Pearl.

Behind the Brand


IMPERIAL Pearl is more than the largest independent pearl company in America… 

…more than a global phenomenon. IMPERIAL Pearl is a promise… a promise of excellence.

That promise is made – and kept – by the Bazar family. IMPERIAL founder and Board Chairman Banice Bazar, his son Peter, and his grandson Josh stand not only behind every pearl and every piece of original pearl jewelry that bears the IMPERIAL name, but also in front of their wares.

The IMPERIAL Pearl promise of excellence is a matter of family honor.

Behind the Brand


Under the stewardship of three generations of the Bazar family, IMPERIAL Pearl – the largest independent pearl company in America – has become the pre-eminent global source not only for the finest pearls crafted by nature’s hand, but also for the most beautiful classic and contemporary pearl jewelry crafted by the hand of man.

Through the years, IMPERIAL designs, stunning and wholly original, have been worn by screen and television royalty – including Elizabeth Taylor, Loretta Young and Lucille Ball – and by women from all walks of life for whom taste, elegance, and sheer beauty are paramount.

The IMPERIAL Pearl tradition of excellence is reflected in designs both classic and contemporary. It is, in a word, timeless.