On ‘Family’ with the Bazars

Imperial Pearl has been run by three generations of the Bazar family. Center, Father, Banice, 87-year-old CEO; right, son and company’s president, Peter; and left, grandson, Josh, chief marketing officer. /PHOTO | IMPERIAL PEARL

The room is filled with warmth, smiling faces, and three generations of the Bazar family: Banice and his children Karen and Peter, Peter’s son Josh, and nephew Todd. The Bazars own and manage Imperial Pearl, a pearl sourcing, jewelry design and manufacturing company out of their East Providence office, showroom and plant. When a reporter asks them, “How do you stay a family and run a business at the same time? What is your secret?” Karen says, “There is going to be fighting. You just get over it.”

Karen is one of four children, all with children of their own. The Bazar family is close, prioritizing time spent with one another as much as they can. Imagine traveling to Cancun with your entire family of 25 people. The Bazars have done that trip and more. Peter laughs, “We have to hire buses to get around!”

Indeed the family has traveled to many places together. Beverly, Karen’s mother and the much-loved matriarch of the family, even went so far as to purchase the Valley Tavern and Inn in Waterville, New Hampshire – just to make sure the family had a getaway that could accommodate them all. True to her intention, the inn has ensured many happy ski excursions and breaks from the work of running a family business.

Beverly and Banice will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary the last week of December. How does the clan stay so close in a time of fraying family relationships? Todd chimes in: “You know how if you haven’t seen your best friend in months it doesn’t even matter? We are all each other’s best friend. No matter when we connect, it’s like no time has passed.”

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